How to pass the exam without shelling out for fancy training courses


My company had surplus training budget this year, maybe due to COVID-19 people weren’t going to conferences and trainings as much, so my manager told me “any certs you’re interested in, go for it!”.

I’d never actually gotten a professional certification in anything before so I thought to myself, do…

Step-by-step instructions to getting in on a Chia pool

It’s Summer and Chia Pools Are Here!

If you’ve been in the Chia game, you’ve probably heard of the Chia 1.2.0 release which officially introduces the much coveted “NFT Plot” (aka “Portable Plot).

What does that mean for current Chia miners?

For those of holding on to a couple hundred plots and looking at our 0 XCH balances and estimated time to win that slips…

Getting comfy with the command line interface (CLI)


If you haven’t heard of Chia, it’s one of the hottest “green” crypto currencies out there using Proof of Space and Time (PoST). Or as we Chia farmers affectionately call the Waste of Time and Space.

In layman’s terms, instead of buying up expensive, power-guzzling GPUs like you do with…

It’s all about those billable hours

Getting your freelance or consulting web development business off the ground is tough. I know because I’m going through it firsthand as I start a side web development gig.

How much do websites cost?

This is the $1 million dollar question.

Offer cut-rate prices and you’ll attract bargain hunting customers who are more focused on…

Life as a Father of Two Kids

Big Dreams

I’ve always been ambitious. Went to school, studied hard. Got into a big engineering company, ground my way up the ladder there while getting two more Masters degrees on the company dime.

Itching to try my hand at something new I signed a lease to start a restaurant with my…

I Sun

Engineer, restaurant owner, dabbler in the written arts. Proud to call JHU, USC, and UIUC my alma mater. Find me on Twitter @kaistreetfare

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